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Welcome to the CoursePlus Web site for MENTAL HEALTH AND THE LAW (330.667.01), a course offered by the Department of Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Course Description

Covers a myriad of topics that are of concern to policy makers in the field of mental health. Topics include a review of relevant legislation and regulations in the areas of patient rights, consent and guardianship, financing, governance and forensics. Topics are specifically related to issues facing the public mental health system, including the forensic issues for adults and juveniles and financing laws relating to the funding of the mental health systems. Case studies of the impact of law on mental health might include the impact of Medicaid reimbursement regulations on poverty and depression for single adult males and the impact of registration laws and treating juveniles as adults on the treatment of juvenile sex offenders. Examines how the law has shaped and continues to shape the delivery of behavioral health services to children and adults with mental illness and the impact of these laws on treatment, financing and governance of the public mental health systems.

Course Learning Objectives

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Define the structure of the legal system including the various pathways to making law
  • Discuss the relevance to the public health system and the relationship between law and policy
  • Analyze case law, particularly those cases related to public mental health issues, and apply these cases to actual current problems and issues
  • Define current federal law with respect to each of the issues that are important in public mental health treatment and service delivery
  • Discuss how these legal issues are developing in international legal systems and other countries
  • Discuss advocacy and the legislative process

Course Time

Tue Thu   1:30 PM to 3:20 PM

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mental health students

Grading Policy & Grading Restrictions

Grading Policy: Final exam.

Grading Restrictions: Letter grade

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Deborah Agus
E-mail: dagus@jhsph.edu