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Welcome to the CoursePlus Web site for LARGE-SCALE EFFECTIVENESS EVALUATIONS OF HEALTH PROGRAMS (221.645.01), a course offered by the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Course Description

Reviews the global efforts and methodological challenges in conducting large-scale effectiveness evaluations in health, emphasizing maternal and child health in low and middle income countries. Explores frequently-used approaches for data collection in impact evaluations. Discusses interpretation of results and attribution of observed changes to the program being evaluated. Includes operational arrangements of large-scale evaluations and interactions with policymakers.

Course Learning Objectives

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • explain the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of large-scale health programs
  • prepare a conceptual model linking program inputs to health impact
  • describe the main methodological approaches and methods for data collection
  • interpret the results of the evaluation and discuss whether these can be attributed to the program
  • communicate effectively with policymakers and implementers throughout the evaluation cycle

Course Time

Tue Thu   8:30 AM to 9:50 AM


Knowledge of basic biostatistics and epidemiology

Intended Audience

Masters and doctoral students in International Health.

Grading Policy & Grading Restrictions

Grading Policy: Web-based quizzes on course readings (30%); short assignments (30%); final exam (40%)

Grading Restrictions: Letter grade

Administrative Contact

Neff Walker
E-mail: nwalker@jhsph.edu