300.713.01 | AY 2012-2013 - 4th Term | 4 Credit(s)
TTh 9:00:00 AM
  • Contact Information
    Daniel Webster
    Kitty Chan
    Renan Castillo
  • Course Learning Objectives

    Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

    • Critique published health services research and health policy/program evaluations
    • Develop an appropriate study design for a research or evaluation project
    • Describe the relationship between health services research and program evaluation
    • Identify differences between basic and policy-relevant health services research projects and program evaluation
    • Develop a conceptual framework for a study, showing the hypothesized causal variables and the expected outcomes
    • Identify different types of study design, including observational, pre-experimental and experimental designs, and their inherent threats to internal and external validity
    • Describe the basic issues related to measurement of variables
    • Identify problems with measurement reliability and validity
    • Identify aspects of quality of care and its measurement as they relate to health services research projects
    • Discuss how survey research is used in health services research and evaluation, in terms of choice of sampling techniques, determination of sample size, and approaches to writing survey questions
    • Demonstrate discuss of the basic concepts of cost benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis
    • Identify and use appropriate secondary data and existing information sources in research projects
  • Course Description
    Introduces basic principles and methods for undertaking scientifically rigorous research with a special emphasis on evaluations of interventions intended to improve health and safety. Focuses on evaluations of health policies, health care delivery systems, and public health programs. Also prepares students to apply the results of health policy research done by others. Topics include the relationship between health services research, health policy research, health policy analysis and health program management; approaches for assessing the impact of health policy and health program implementation; common research designs and their strengths and weaknesses; measurement issues of reliability and validity; survey research techniques; qualitative research methods; quality of care and outcomes measurement; use of existing health and safety data; and basic cost benefit and effectiveness analysis.
  • Intended Audience
    Students interested in policy research, health services research; social science research or program impact evaluation.
  • Methods of Assessment
    Student evaluation based on mid-term and final exams.

    Additional Faculty Notes:

    Students will be graded on a midterm assignment requiring the critique of a health policy evaluation study and a final project assignment which will involve the development of a proposal to evaluate a health policy.

  • Required Text(s)

    Additional Faculty Notes:

    Remler DK, Ryzin GGV. Research Methods in Practice: Strategies for Description and Causation. Sage Publications. 2010.

  • Course Schedule

    Please see the course Session for a full list of dates and items for this course.

  • Academic Ethics Code

    Students enrolled in the Bloomberg School of Public Health of The Johns Hopkins University assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the University's mission as an institution of higher education. A student is obligated to refrain from acts which he or she knows, or under the circumstances has reason to know, impair the academic integrity of the University. Violations of academic integrity include, but are not limited to: cheating; plagiarism; knowingly furnishing false information to any agent of the University for inclusion in the academic record; violation of the rights and welfare of animal or human subjects in research; and misconduct as a member of either School or University committees or recognized groups or organizations.

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