223.867.01 | AY 2013-2014 - 2nd Term | 1 Credit(s)
W 5:30:00 PM
  • Contact Information
    Amber Cox
    Anna Durbin
  • Course Learning Objectives

    Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

    • describe the key barriers along the process of research, development, testing, evaluation, acquisition, and distribution of vaccines
    • cite specific examples of how financial and political factors interact with scientific issues to affect governmental and industry prioritization about vaccine development
    • describe how stakeholder motives (Iinvestor, corporate, public health agency, individual) can influence the fate of a vaccine R&D project
  • Course Description

    Series of seminars (4 per term) on vaccine research against infectious diseases of global importance including AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, childhood illnesses, and many others. Economic, political, and ethical dimensions of vaccine R&D are also covered. Leading vaccine experts at JHU, from industry and other institutions present the seminars. Series provides the student with an understanding of the pathways leading to development and utilization of vaccines with public health impact.

  • Intended Audience
    All students interested in the vaccine sciences (MPH, MHS, PhD). This is the core course for the vaccine certificate program.
  • Methods of Assessment
    Student evaluation based on attendance and class participation.

    Additional Faculty Notes:


    -          Participation in two terms of the Seminar is necessary for successful completion of the Certificate Program in Vaccine Science and Policy. However, some students may elect to register for the Seminar without participation in the Certificate Program.

    • Grades are Pass/Fail and will be determined entirely on attendance, participation in class discussions and completion of online quizzes (one per class session). 
    • Students must attend all four seminar sessions per term.  Students missing one seminar should contact us (in advance if possible) about a make-up assignment for the missed seminar.  
    • Students must read the required reading(s) prior to each course session, and complete the associated online quiz. Online quiz responses are due by 4:59pm on the day of class. Late submissions will result in a make-up assignment.
    • Following each seminar, students may wish to post comments, questions, or discussion points on the BBS, but it is not mandatory to do so. 
  • Prerequisites

    Additional Faculty Notes:

    Students are not required to be completing the Vaccine Science and Policy Certificate to enroll in the Special Topics in Vaccine Science Seminar.

  • Required Text(s)

    Additional Faculty Notes:
    No textbooks will be used. Selected references from journal articles will be distributed.

  • Course Schedule

    Please see the course Session for a full list of dates and items for this course.

  • Academic Ethics Code

    Students enrolled in the Bloomberg School of Public Health of The Johns Hopkins University assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the University's mission as an institution of higher education. A student is obligated to refrain from acts which he or she knows, or under the circumstances has reason to know, impair the academic integrity of the University. Violations of academic integrity include, but are not limited to: cheating; plagiarism; knowingly furnishing false information to any agent of the University for inclusion in the academic record; violation of the rights and welfare of animal or human subjects in research; and misconduct as a member of either School or University committees or recognized groups or organizations.

  • Welcome Message

    This two term seminar series (2nd and 3rd terms) is required for the completion of the Certificate Program in Vaccine Science and Policy. For those interested, the requirements for the certificate are found in the Vaccine Science and Policy Certificate desription. 


    Vaccine Science and Policy Certificate


    This course meets 5:30-7:00 on Wednesdays in Becton-Dickinson Hall, first floor of the Wolfe Street Building.

  • Course topics
    The Vaccine Science and Policy Seminar focuses on research processes, manufacturing, testing, deployment of vaccines, and political and economic factors that govern decisions about vaccines as public health tools. The Seminar offers understanding of the scientific, economic, political and ethical bases on which sound vaccine policy decisions can be made.
  • Contact Information(from old syllabus)

    Anna Durbin, M.D.
    Email: adurbin@jhsph.edu
    Office: Hampton House 237
    Tel: 410-614-4736

    Amber Cox, MPH
    Email: acox@jhsph.edu

  • Attendance Policy

    Students must attend all four seminars in the term. A missed session will require listening to the recorded lecture and a 5 page research paper on the missed topic. Please contact Amber Cox in advance of missing a session. More than one missed session will not result in a pass for the course. 

  • Assignment Descriptions and Guidelines
    Student will be evaluated on: class participation, forum participation, quiz prior to the seminar session based on reading the posted material.
    Please complete the posted quiz prior to coming to class. Students should complete all 4 quizzes and attend all 4 sessions to pass the course. The quiz will close at 5pm on the day of the seminar. The first quiz will be kept open for one additional week. 
  • Disability Support Services
    If you are a student with a documented disability who requires an academic accommodation, please contact the Office of Student Life Services at 410-955-3034 or via email at dss@jhsph.edu.