120.870.01 | AY 2013-2014 - 4th Term | 5 Credit(s)
  • Contact Information
    Janice Evans
  • Course Description
    In consultation with a faculty mentor from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, students prepare a critical, scholarly paper on an assigned subject.
  • Use of DropBox to submit thesis copy for departmental files

    A DropBox has been created, called, "Submission of departmental file thesis copy."  Please use this DropBox to submit the copy of your thesis that we will keep for our departmental records.   (Note:  this is in lieu of emailing a copy to Shannon Gaston.)

    Access to this DropBox closes at the deadline for thesis submission, 4/18/2014 at 5:00 PM

  • Academic Ethics Code

    Students enrolled in the Bloomberg School of Public Health of The Johns Hopkins University assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the University's mission as an institution of higher education. A student is obligated to refrain from acts which he or she knows, or under the circumstances has reason to know, impair the academic integrity of the University. Violations of academic integrity include, but are not limited to: cheating; plagiarism; knowingly furnishing false information to any agent of the University for inclusion in the academic record; violation of the rights and welfare of animal or human subjects in research; and misconduct as a member of either School or University committees or recognized groups or organizations.

  • Methods of Assessment
    The quality and completeness of the review of the literature, and on a student’s evaluation of that literature. Student must be enrolled in the MHS program of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Intended Audience
    Master of Health Science candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
  • Course Schedule

    Please see the course Session for a full list of dates and items for this course.

  • Course Learning Objectives

    Information not required for this course type

  • Use of TurnItIn

    You may use TurnItIn as a resource tool to check your thesis for chunks of text that may be identified as plagiarism.  Your use of TurnItIn is OPTIONAL, not required.  This is simply offered as a tool for you to do your own checks.  If your thesis supervisor is going to use TurnItIn to check your thesis, s/he is obligated to tell you.  Access for the MHS thesis course, 120.870, and a specific assignment (creatively named "thesis") has been set up:

    Class ID:  7931820

    Class password:  g00dthesis

    The Student QuickStart Guide for TurnItIn is here

    The full Student User Manual for TurnItIn is here

    Student training tutorials are here


    Please be advised that I have heard two things about using TurnItIn for "science-y" papers -- that the pay-to-publish journals are not in the databases, or that many of the journals in PubMed are not in the databases.  Whichever of these statements is fully accurate (or both), this suggests that TurnItIn might not be the most reliable way to detect chunks of text as potential matches to something in science/biomedical research papers.  It still does not hurt to give TurnItIn a whirl, but bottom line, it means you yourself will be the best checking tool. 

    If you run your thesis through TurnItIn and find that sections of text have been flagged, first off, DO NOT PANIC.  Before you undertake an arduous overhaul of your thesis, you are recommended to talk this over with your thesis supervisor before you submit your thesis on April 18.  It is quite likely that s/he will look at the flagged sections of text and tell you that they are fine (since in many cases, science writing is rather limited -- such as stating a concentration and a name of a compound and a duration of treatment -- and these sorts of fixed items might be flagged as plagiarized.)

  • Disability Support Services
    If you are a student with a documented disability who requires an academic accommodation, please contact the Office of Student Life Services at 410-955-3034 or via email at